Deirdre's popular blog on all things leadership and communication is the perfect example of her personal brand of "mild audacity". Because she gets to say what other won't, her messages get to the core of the real issues behind the challenges we face, the frustrations we feel, and the solutions to making it all better.


Tough Truths

Tough Truths

Tough Truths:
The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About

By Deirdre Maloney

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Deirdre’s second book might make you think twice about what it really takes to be a great leader.

Before going any further, a few words on the subject from Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager: “I love the simple truths in this little book. Deirdre Maloney cuts to the chase with plain-spoken life lessons we all can use. Tough Truths will hit home with everyone who reads it.”

Now…here’s the scoop:

In just 100 pages, this highly digestible mini-book goes beyond the standard lessons we’ve learned our whole lives – lessons about hard work and playing nice and good time management. These cliché lessons are nothing new. They certainly don’t inspire. And alone they simply aren’t enough to catapult good leaders to greatness.

The Tough Truths will. The reason they are truths is because they make us great. The reason they are tough is because they tend to make us uncomfortable, might take us out of our comfort zone. The beauty is that when we embrace them, we stand out. We make positive change. We do things we never thought possible…for bigger change. For greater success. For a better life.

And you don’t even need to take our word on Tough Truths. Check out some reviews and decide for yourself! Recent tidbits came by way of a Forbes review, or you can check out this one from straight shooter Joceyln Harmon.

Order your paperback or Kindle copy on Amazon now. You can also find it on Barnes & Noble and through your iTunes account.

Written like a conversation with a straight-shooting friend, Ms. Maloney wants to take care of the great leader inside of you. -“Tough Truths” Reviewer