About Us

Momentum LLC is a dynamic training, facilitation and marketing company, which helps organizations achieve their goals and helps their leaders sleep better at night.

We do this through excellent customized, interactive trainings focusing on a wide variety of topics around leadership, communication, happiness and team dynamics (revealed through our popular DISC training). We do this through carefully facilitated group discussions that lead to meaningful strategic plans, solutions to challenges and overall greatness. We do this through our extensive marketing services, which ensure that the excellence of your organization is something everyone else knows about.

We also motivate action and create new levels of energy through our books and blog, each of which integrate our brand of “mild audacity” and get down to the heart of what really makes us all successful and happy.

No matter what your size, focus area or need, we help build stronger teams, create higher levels of energy and get you better results.

Want to move forward? We invite you to explore our website to see how we can help, or feel free to contact us now to learn more!