Why We Are Different

Because of Our Unique Set of Skills

Working with groups to meet their unique needs, build strong teams, develop excellent plans and create effective marketing strategies takes a strong, diverse set of skills…and even stronger finesse.

We’ve got both. Through Momentum we have worked with companies, non-profits and associations of all shapes, sizes and contexts. And so our skills are both broad and deep.

We know training. Our trainings combine critical leadership, communication, team dynamics and happiness lessons with anecdotes, concrete tips and the chance to share with each other. Each session is designed to validate, motivate and provide a bit of fun, always making sure that meeting your objectives is the ultimate goal.

We know facilitation. Our facilitations are developed through excellent planning and careful thought. We work with you to understand your unique needs and group, and then guide you through a process that gets you to your objectives. These discussions aren’t always easy, but our carefully honed facilitation skills will get you through them – and beyond them – to a future of greater success.

We know marketing. Our marketing program provides a full spectrum of services, from brand strategy to copy writing to website development…all designed to make sure your current and future customers know how excellent you are.

Because of How We Do It

We take our name seriously. Momentum is all about forward movement.

It’s extremely easy for organizations to become stuck, either waiting for things to be perfect before tackling tough issues or hoping external factors will take care of them. Even when these organizations face their challenges, they often work with consultants who offer long, drawn-out processes.

Momentum will help you figure out what you really need to achieve, and then find the most efficient path to get there.  We’ll honor the process required, but eliminate the time and nonsense that don’t matter.

We work quickly and efficiently. This is about your business. And your business is our business. It’s that simple.

Because of Who We Are

We know about this journey because we’ve walked this journey ourselves.

We’ve run companies and dealt with staff and board dynamics. We’ve served as the top executive and the board member. We’ve been the marketing professional, the writing guru, the website designer. We’ve raised money.

We’ve lived through the challenges. We’ve seized the opportunities. We’ve sweated through the stress. We’ve felt the exhilaration.

And we’ve been kept up at night thinking about it all.

And so we empathize with you.

We’ve never stopped at excellence and neither have you. That’s what makes our organizations the same, and what differentiates Momentum from other companies.

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