Capital Metro Project Agreement

A decision by the City Council and a decision by the CapMetro Board of Directors were also adopted, confirming the commitments made to the municipality and to each other regarding the investment in Project Connect. The City Council`s decision provides direction for investments in anti-shift strategies, outlines contract processes to encourage and support the hiring of Austin businesses, to provide the project and much more. The CapMetro Board`s decision calls the CapMetro Capital Expansion Fund an investment in Project Connect and consolidates the commitments made in the Board`s decision. Glenn Palin, CEO of John Holland, said Capital Metro would be a transformation project for Canberra. The ATP will be a new local government company created to provide Project Connect transit projects. The ATP, in collaboration with the City of Austin, the CapeMetro Board and the Community of Austin, will design and build the first investments in Project Connect and transit support infrastructure. The approved interlocal agreement provides for certain roles and responsibilities in support and cooperation with the ATP and is a historic commitment to the partnership between the City of Austin, Texas, and CapMetro. “The Capital Metro project will provide a high-quality, reliable and frequent public transportation service that will benefit Canberra`s economy and community more,” he said. Since the program involves the use of federal funds, the process should take some time. The city has already approved the inter-local agreement for its share of $295,400 and the project has obtained an environmental permit.

If approved by Capital Metro, the project will be subject to a six-month audit and approval period at the Texas Department of Transportation following project completion in November. If all goes well in the ordering phase, construction will begin in November 2021 and continue until March 2023. On Wednesday, the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority`s Operations, Planning and Safety Committee unanimously recommended that the Board of Directors approve an interlocal agreement with the City of Austin to begin the process of designing and reviewing the multi-year program. “We are very pleased to be working with Capital Metro again, especially on such an important project,” said Rick Wood, CEO and President of CHK America. “CHK is experienced in supporting major transit agencies for the complete replacement of buses and the redesign of customer information that is needed for new services.” The agreement is the launch of Austin Transit Partnership, which will be implemented with Project Connect. John Holland and cpB Contractors have a track record for trams in Australia, including projects such as the Western Sydney Tram extension and the Adelaide coast to coast tram project. The opportunity is a stroke of luck for the city. Following the summary of pedestrian beacons in the 2018 Pedestrian Action Plan, the city partnered with Capital Metro to identify high-priority sites where beacons would improve safe transit access, said Ken Cartwright, vice president of capital projects.

“And around the same time, there was an opportunity (the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) to apply for an active transportation grant to support it.” The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) and Austin City Council have approved an interlocal agreement between the two for the creation of the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP), which will be responsible for the implementation of Project Connect.