Coaching is for those who want to make things better in some way. Perhaps they want to enhance their professional skills. Or they want to make their lives more satisfying. Or maybe both.

We believe that coaching relationships are relationships of trust. It is critical that participants feel respected while knowing that the relationship will be honest, constructive and direct. Deirdre has spent years coaching others in their paths to enhanced lives, skills and professional successes.

Individual and Group Coaching During Social Distancing

During this time of uncertainty and change caused by COVID-19, the sharing, validation and solution-planning done through coaching can be especially helpful. To increase access as much as possible, we have reduced fees for both our individual and group coaching by a third. We are also conducting all coaching sessions through video conferencing for now.

Our individual professional and/or life coaching (described as you scroll down this page) will continue to help you explore and meet your customized objectives over a series of 1-4 sessions.

For our group coaching services, we have created three new specialized groups specifically addressing impacts of COVID-19 and how to remain resilient during this time:

    • Entrepreneur Group: For business owners whose work is negatively impacted/threatened during this time.
    • Resilience Group: For those who would like to share ideas, strategies and support to address general stress and maintain peace of mind during this time of change.
    • Transition Group: For those who find themselves needing to identify new work opportunities due to changes in the workforce.

Each new group listed above will include 4-6 people and will have a minimum of three sessions. Up to three additional sessions may be added if the group chooses to do so.

If you’re interested in either individual or group coaching please contact us today!*

Professional Coaching

Our professional coaching helps those who want to enhance their skills, move up or in to a new field, or simply figure out what professional work is the best fit for them moving forward. When appropriate, it may expand to the non-professional components of a person’s life and/or include skills-building sessions (e.g. effective management, motivating leadership, holding others accountable and enhanced communication).

Life/Transition Coaching

Coaching can be extremely effective for those who find themselves dissatisfied with their lives and/or in a period of some kind of transition. Even when change is needed, the idea of uncertainty and the sheer number of potential paths can be an overwhelming barrier.

Our life/transition coaching helps individuals assess their lives, identify their greatest values/opportunities/strengths, and create a concrete path for meaningful change moving forward. Sessions are conducted in-person or by phone/Zoom.

Interest in any of our coaching programs? Please contact us!*

*Please note that all coaching requires an initial, brief phone call with Deirdre to discuss objectives and assess alignment with the program .