Coaching is for those who want to make things better in some way. Perhaps they want to enhance their professional skills. Or they want to make their lives more satisfying. Or maybe both.

We believe that coaching relationships are relationships of trust. It is critical that those who want to enhance their situation feel respected, while knowing that the relationship will be honest and direct.

Deirdre has spent years coaching others through their journeys to enhanced lives, skills and professional successes. She uses processes that she’s honed over a decade, customizing them to the individual objectives of each person.

We are pleased to offer a number of coaching options. All of our coaching is time-limited, as our coaching is designed to help people create goals/plans, then arm them with the tools and accountability strategies to achieve them.

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Our professional coaching helps those who want to enhance their skills, move up or in to a new field, or simply figure out what professional work is the best fit for them moving forward. When appropriate, it may expand to the non-professional components of a person’s life. and/or include skills-building sessions (e.g. effective management, motivating leadership, holding others accountable and enhanced communication).

  • Individual Coaching: We offer individual sessions of 2-6 sessions, based on the individual’s objectives and needs. Offered in-person or by phone.
  • Group Coaching: We are pleased to bring together groups of 3-5 people who want to work specifically on enhancing their leadership and management skills. This program is six sessions. Currently offered in-person in the San Diego region.

Interested? Please contact us to discuss!

*Please note that all coaching requires an initial, brief phone call with Deirdre to assess readiness and alignment. Fees are based on participants’ customized needs and frequency.

Sparkplug Project Coaching

Sparkplug Project is our newest program, focusing on helping people assess their lives as a whole. It includes assessments of what is and isn’t working, and exploration of the changes that will make their lives more meaningful and satisfying.

Sparkplug Project includes individual and group coaching, as well as a 2.5 day “mental boot camp” option. Because it is unique in that it focuses on life as a whole, we have created a special Sparkplug Project website featuring more information. You can find it here.