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Action %%user_keyword_point_A%%  –  %%max_point_keyword_A%%  –  %%user_keyword_percentage_A%%

Process %%user_keyword_point_B%%  –  %%max_point_keyword_B%%  –  %%user_keyword_percentage_B%%

People %%user_keyword_point_C%%  –  %%max_point_keyword_C%%  –  %%user_keyword_percentage_C%%

Idea %%user_keyword_point_D%%  –  %%max_point_keyword_D%%  –  %%user_keyword_percentage_D%%



Action Count – %%keyword_count_A%%

Action Percent – %%keyword_percentage_A%%

Your Process style intensity:

%%user_keyword_point_B%% out of %%max_point_keyword_B%%

Communicating with a Process style person

Focus on facts and data
Provide proof and methodology to back up proposal
Keep discussion/proposal in logical order (background, current situation, results)
Provide written documentation
Do not rush