Facilitation & Coaching

Let’s begin with facilitation. Whether strategic planning, strengthening teams or resolving tough issues, there’s no doubt about it…

…group discussions can get tricky.

That’s because they all involve bringing people – each with their own passions and perspectives – together to tackle an issue and find a common plan or solution. When it works well it results in new ideas and innovative thinking. When it doesn’t, it creates watered down strategies and hurt feelings.

What makes the difference? Excellent facilitation, which is where we come in. We invite you to explore our facilitation pages to learn more about what we facilitate, our philosophy and how we work.

Coaching, of course, is a special kind of facilitation. Instead of bringing a group to a common decision or understanding, it is about guiding people through processes that will help them enhance their lives in some way…professionally, personally or both. You can learn about our individual and group coaching services on our coaching page.

Or contact us now to learn more about our facilitation and coaching programs!


“I wanted to thank you again for your help at today’s retreat. It was evident that you had done considerable homework and honed in with remarkable precision on the issues, concerns and problems that were of greatest importance.  We are enormously grateful for your sage counsel.”
– Facilitation Client