Leadership & Team Development

An organization is only as strong as the people who run it. That’s why we offer a wide variety wide variety of virtual and in-person trainings specifically geared toward making both leaders and their teams stronger.

We help people become the kinds of leaders that inspire others, and the kinds of managers that ensure the vision is executed effectively. From DISC behavioral styles assessments, to trainings about how to hold your team accountable (also known as How to Be a Good Bad Guy), our leadership and team development work will make your company stronger, and help your leaders sleep better at night.

Want some facts on why leadership development is important to your organization? Behold…

  • An analysis by Ken Blanchard found that every year without a leadership/staff development program costs the typical organization an amount equal to 7% of its total annual sales
  • The Saratoga Institute reported that improving leadership skills can help an organization decrease its voluntary turnover by at least 9%, and as much as 32% (!)
  • A Proudfoot Consulting study (involving 300 managers and 1,200 direct reports) found that direct reports of managers involved in leadership development have an increased productivity rate of 5%-12%
  • American Airlines conducted a four-month, focused leadership workshop for 1,000 of its managers. One year later they calculated a 631% return on that investment to their company

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