Mindful Body Acceptance Group

Join us! This group is for anyone who feels like they aren’t good enough because of their appearance. It’s for anyone – of any size or age, gender identity or race – who finds themselves fixating on how they look, spending far too much time trying to make it fit the image we’re told is best (There is a 70-billion-dollar industry that keeps this image going, by the way.) It’s for anyone tired of comparing their body with others and coming up short, anyone who skips events or being in photos out of fear of being seen, anyone anxious about the fit of their clothes on a regular basis.

It’s for so, so many of us.

Our free meetings combine mindfulness and body acceptance strategies to help anyone find new levels of peace. Our mindfulness tools and meditations are accessible and secular. Mindfulness newbies welcome!

To make the meetings more convenient, we will be trying a Zoom format for the next few gatherings. They’ll be 60-90 minutes. To ensure a safe and trusting space, please know we are requiring participants to be on video for this call.

Please read the notes below to make sure this group is the right fit for you. If it is, please RSVP using the instructions at the bottom of this page. We would love to see you there!

  • We are about accepting and making peace with our bodies as they are. There will be no diet or exercise discussions.
  • We focus on body acceptance, not body positivity (which is a wonderful fat acceptance movement) or body love (which isn’t as attainable for some).
  • We warmly welcome attendance and feedback from participants of any size, though we acknowledge that those who live in larger bodies face additional body acceptance challenges due to oppression and marginalization. We will honor this truth at our meetings.
  • We hold confidentiality as a critical component of our meetings.
  • Our meetings are not a replacement for therapy and/or treatment.

Interested? Great!

Barring any scheduling conflicts, our meetings are held on Tuesdays at 5:30pm PST. (Click here to convert to your time zone.)

To participate in one or more of our upcoming meetings, you can register through our official, private Meetup Group, or email Deirdre directly and let her know:

  • Which meeting(s) you’d like to attend
  • Why you are interested in this group
  • What you would like to get out of this group.

Once Deirdre has received your information, she will email you with the Zoom meeting info.

Deirdre’s email is: deirdre@makemomentum.com Thank you for your interest!