Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about mindfulness…especially these days. What was once an uncommon and specialized topic has made its way to the mainstream.

Why are so many people talking about it? Why are apps and documentaries and podcasts focusing on mindfulness springing up everywhere? Most importantly, can mindfulness really make a difference in your life?

The simple answer is that it can, and the scientifically proven list of benefits* – including less stress, greater calm, increased attention span and improved relationships – continues to grow.

The good news is that mindfulness is simple. It’s not always easy, but anybody can begin the practice – and feel its positive effects – relatively quickly.

We are so pleased that our training offerings now include mindfulness, which gives companies and organizations a way to help their people navigate their work (and the world), and find new levels of focus, equanimity, connection and productivity.

We offer both single sessions and multi-session series that work for any level of experience, including no experience at all. All sessions are designed to demystify mindfulness, bust mindfulness myths (it’s NOT about clearing out your thoughts!) and help anyone make mindfulness a meaningful tool for a better life.

Sample topics covered are:

  • What mindfulness is and is not
  • Research on the benefits of mindfulness
  • Overcoming mindfulness roadblocks
  • Mindfulness vs. meditation
  • How to use mindfulness to achieve greater calm and life satisfaction
  • How to build a regular mindfulness practice
  • Brief guided meditations

Contact us now and let’s discuss bringing mindfulness to your company, team and/or group!

*For just a taste of some specific mindfulness benefits (including in the workplace) and their related studies/references, check out this article from Positive Psychology and this article from Forbes.