New Opportunity for San Diego Nonprofits

If you’re involved in a Nonprofit in San Diego, there’s a new, rare opportunity that’s coming up…one that will be both valuable to your organization and also a lot of fun sophos update manager herunterladen der binärdateien.

Deirdre  will again be presenting at this year’s USD Nonprofit Governance Symposium…and one of the workshops she’s offering is a new session on January 8th, the day before the conference officially kicks off.  It’s open to a limited number of people who will attend in board/staff teams of two (minimum) herunterladen.

The interactive, three-hour workshop (yes, three hours…but read on!) is called “Marketing Basics”, though in reality extends much further than that ik kan foto nieten whatsapp. It’s jam-packed with information and strategies to find new levels of organizational support and awareness. It also includes interactive exercises, allowing each nonprofit to customize its own strategy and message during the session itself tinder kostenlos downloaden.

By the time participants leave, they’ll have several marketing tools ready for action in the new year…AND they’ll have also shared a fun and meaningful experience with their nonprofit peers safari cannot download file.

If you’d like more information, you can click on this link and then click on “Marketing Basics: Create Your Plan, Create Your Pitch” musik playlist herunterladen.

If you’ve attended the symposium before than you know it’s an excellent opportunity to both bring critical governance training to board and staff members, and to network with other organizations in our community how can I download music at soundcloud. If you’ve never attended…well… you’re in for a treat!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the marketing workshop…hope to see you in January tomtom mydrive herunterladen!