We know that meaningful dialogue is critical to the health and success of an organization or group. We also know it can get tricky.

That’s because group discussions involve bringing people – each with their own passions and perspectives – together to tackle an issue and agree on a path forward. When it works well it results in new ideas, innovative thinking, and a sense of mutual respect. When it doesn’t, it creates watered down strategies, hurt feelings and a sense that everyone’s time has been wasted.

What makes the difference? Excellent facilitation, which is where we come in.

Deirdre facilitates in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board and Staff Retreats
  • Tackling and Solving (Sometimes Very Tricky!) Problems
  • Team Building
  • Mastermind, Professional and Other Group Moderation
  • Any Other Dialogue that Needs Facilitation  

Whatever the facilitation type, Deirdre believes successful sessions require a combination of thoughtful preparation and carefully navigated facilitation. Having spent more than a decade facilitating a wide variety of conversations, she identifies her role as a facilitator as the “nicest bad cop you’ll ever meet”. She energetically and thoughtfully engages group members in an inclusive process, assuring that everyone has the opportunity to be heard, while also moving discussions forward so that sessions end on time and with objectives met.

(Note: Depending on facilitation objectives, Deirdre may be able to integrate one or more training topics into a session.)