Swinburne University Of Technology Enterprise Agreement

79.11 An officer receiving a salary that does not exceed the level 7 salary prescribed for the top of the scale of a higher education worker (HEW) may, by mutual agreement between the agent and the university obtained prior to overtime work, take a period of leave instead of an overtime allowance calculated in the same way as that provided for in point 79.9 for the payment of overtime. First, the agent or an accredited representative of the officer or party who informs the dispute and the appropriate representative of management or, if necessary, the other respondent party discuss the dispute and attempt to reach an agreement within two weeks of the first discussion of the dispute. 2.8 An annualized working time staff member is an agent who, as such, is employed as such for a number of ordinary hours in a calendar year, as proposed by the university, in accordance with paragraph 16 or in agreement with the employee for annual hours. 55.7 When an officer requests an early separation in accordance with paragraph 55.6 above, the officer`s employment ends on a date within the notice period, if it has been agreed between the university and the agent, and the university pays the individual instead of the remaining balance of the notice. In the absence of an agreement, the officer`s employment ends at the end of the notice period. 17.2 In order to facilitate the safe return of staff to work on campus, the university and a professional (who is not a shift worker) may agree that the qualified employee can start or finish work up to 2 hours before or two hours after normal working time (which does not exceed 20 hours). Monday to Friday. This measure is subject to agreement and possible occupational health and safety reasons. When such an agreement is reached, the specialized employee is not entitled to overtime rates or penalties for hours worked before 8 a.m.

or after 6 p.m. under the agreement. 36.6 The university will provide the agent with a copy of the individual flexibility agreement within 14 days of the denudation agreement and will retain the agreement as a time and salary registration that will complement the other registration processes established by the university. 17.1 The purpose of this clause is to assist staff by facilitating by mutual agreement the start and end times of work on campus.