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  • Don’t Worry…Be Crappy

    Don’t Worry…Be Crappy

    Life is a humbling thing, yes? I speak from years of experience, which have included plenty of moments that wound up…shall we say…imperfectly. Unsuccessful. Perhaps a bit embarrassing. (Followers of this blog will be keenly aware of this.) Take, for example, my recent efforts to learn yoga…where even the simplest-seeming pose came out like this:…

  • What to do about Life’s Little Stinks

    What to do about Life’s Little Stinks

    The day began on a high note. Not only were we about to take a bike tour that would explore the beautiful fields of France’s seemingly endless vineyards, but – perhaps more importantly – we’d also get to try out the wine. And while the tour did indeed begin with lots of bright smiles… …it…