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  • Why You’re Scared About the Wrong Thing

    Why You’re Scared About the Wrong Thing

    So…things have gotten slightly anxiety-ridden in the Maloney house. The culprit? Well…I wrote a play. Yes, the theater kind. The last time I did this was back when I was in college. As in undergrad college. As in a looooong time ago. Oh, and I’m also going to produce the play this year. The last…

  • But Not Today

    But Not Today

    Well this is a tricky time, yes? Let’s count a few ways… There are the holidays, which often come with a multitude of festive moments…and a multitude of non-festive moments. Think traffic, crowds, and, potentially, a few forced smiles around that carefully-set dinner table. There’s also…and let me say first that I am in nooooooo…