Communication Styles Assessment


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Your results from November 15, 2021


Welcome to your results page! Below are the results of your assessment, which include information on four different styles: Action, Process, People, and Idea.

As you scroll down, you will first see your most dominant style and information about that style. You will then see the degree to which you represent that style, and best practices related to your style.

As you continue to scroll down, you will see the degree to which you are other styles, and information about communicating with others who have these styles.

A few things to note as you go:

  • There are no right or wrong styles. This world – and every team – needs them all!
  • It is not right or wrong to have specific degrees of different styles. If you have a high intensity in one style, it’s just good to know that you may strongly exhibit behaviors of that style. If none are very dominant, it may be that you adapt to other styles more easily.
  • Take note of whichever style is your lowest. It may be that you have the most difficult time communicating with those who are dominant in it.
  • Remember that if you like this activity, you can go deeper with your team, board or other groups with our meaningful training and team-building sessions!

Your communication style is: People

In general you are: Indirect/Slow Paced, Relationship oriented
Your characteristics are: Friendly, Warm, Empathetic, Emotional, Perceptive, Sensitive, Spontaneous
You like to discuss: People needs, Motivation, Teamwork, Communication, Feelings, Self‐Development, Awareness, Relationships
Your priorities are: Relationships, People
When you consider time you focus on the: Past
Your skills include being: Perceptive, Friendly, Team player
You may be perceived as: Unassertive, Emotional, Slow

Your People style intensity:

12 out of 20

Communicating with a People style person

Allow for personal talk, build rapport
Connect results to relationships and people
Seek their opinions/ideas
Discuss past results and successes

Your Action style intensity:

11 out of 20

Communicating with an Action style person

Brevity is key, talk in bullet points
Focus on results first
Emphasize practicality of idea
Make direct eye contact and be confident
Use visual Aids
Walk and talk

Your Process style intensity:

9 out of 20

Communicating with a Process style person

Focus on facts and data
Provide proof and methodology to back up proposal
Keep discussion/proposal in logical order (background, current situation, results)
Provide written documentation
Do not rush

Your Idea style intensity:

8 out of 20

Communicating with an Idea style person

Allow time for brainstorming
Talk about big picture and what idea could mean
Stress uniqueness of an idea or topic
Follow up meeting with brief to‐do list