Group trainings.

We all know the workplace – whether a for-profit company, nonprofit organization, university or association – can be messy.

There are so many challenges. Managing teams is tough. Communicating effectively with those who aren’t like you (and, sometimes, those who are just like you) can feel impossible. Setting meaningful goals, creating effective boards, finding the right messaging to get people excited, watching as expenses go up and morale goes down, knowing how to manage up to your boss, staying grounded through it all…this isn’t easy stuff. It can certainly get in the way of what an organization and its people want to achieve.

Deirdre uses provocative thinking, best practices, and interactive discussions to help audiences tackle issues like these…and others. Her energizing, interactive sessions help audiences learn, plan, share and, sometimes, laugh at the human pitfalls and challenges we all face again and again.

Called “refreshingly direct”, Deirdre says things others won’t – about what it really means to be effective as a leader, about the realities facing every organization, about the fact that there is hope…to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, to find the right path to the right outcome, to sleep better at night.

While Deirdre doesn’t take herself too seriously, she holds her work in the highest regard. She works with clients to clearly define the goals of the session, then customizes it to ensure those goals gets met.

Sample topic list.

Deirdre has  presented on a wide variety of leadership, team, communication and mindfulness topics, both virtually and in-person, around the globe. Sessions are provided within organizational settings, as well as through workshops and keynotes at conferences and events.

While the list of potential topics is endless and can be customized based on specific objectives, a sample list is below. (Note: Depending on the session objective, Deirdre is able to combine multiple trainings. or combine a training and one or more facilitated discussions, as part of a single project.)

  • Communication Conquered: Better Understanding, Better Connections
  • DISC: Creating Better Team Dynamics and a Better Life Back at the Office
  • How to Be a Good Bad Guy: The Keys to a Difficult Conversation
  • Two Sides of the Coin: Motivating Teams, Holding Them Accountable
  • Managing Up: Building a Meaningful Relationship with your Boss
  • The Mighty Manager: Delegation, Motivation, and Managing Up
  • Building Bridges: 5 Tips to Engage Anybody at Anytime
  • Speak Up Like You Mean It: The Steps to Effective Public Speaking
  • Mindfulness: Reducing Stress, Getting Grounded in the Midst of Everyday Chaos
  • Busting the Mission Myth: How to Build a Better Nonprofit Business
  • The Great Paradox: The Board and its Fundraising Role
  • Board 101: Knowing the Role, Enhancing Governance
  • Tough Truths: The Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About
  • Tough Truths: Nonprofit Leadership Edition
  • Tough Truths: The Happiness Lessons We Don’t Talk About
  • Big Mean Leader: How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Loneliest Job Ever
  • Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/Life Satisfaction
  • Marketing Matters: The Secrets to Effectively Market Your Organization
  • Stand Out: Creating and Embracing Your Personal Brand
  • How to Be an Excellent Ambassador for Your Organization
  • The Art of Fundraising, the Science of Sales
  • Get the Life You Want: Creating a Road Map for Your Future

Watch Deirdre in action.

Conference Keynote: “Bogus Balance: Your Journey to REAL Work/Life Bliss”

Conference Keynote: “Tough Truths: The Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About”

AFP Luncheon: “The Great Paradox: Boards and Fundraising.”

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